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I Love You My Way

From the time of creation
Thru every gyration,
In a very quiet way,
I love you My way.

For you I deeply care;
My universe with you I share;
My eyes are on you;
You’ve My work to do.

You’re My gardener in paradise;
Work hard and keep it nice;
Let peace and joy blossom,
Then the garden will be awesome.

Let the birds sing and fly;
Let the animals multiply;
Let the flowers bloom;
Let there be no gloom.

Share fruit with everyone;
Wipe out hunger under the sun;
Let the love in your heart flow:
See it return and make you glow.

Never have any fear:
You can hear I’m near;
I may not be in your view
But I’m there with you.

Son, you and I are one;
Son, our work is not yet done;
I’ll give you My hand:
Make heaven on every land!



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