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In the galaxy, The Milky Way,
Over hundred billion stars are on display.
Over hundred billion galaxies can be found,
Keeping astronomers at night spellbound.
A galaxy thirteen billion years old to behold:
The universe is over fourteen billion years old!

The Heavens reveal Your glory:
Mind-boggling is Your story.
I know You have no limit:
You are eternal and infinite.
Your creation is a mystery:
Only You know its history.

What’s in Your divine plan
Is beyond the scope of man.
I surrender to Your skill:
I surrender to Your will.
I know my little mind
Is so much confined.

I am like a frog in a pond:
I wonder what lies beyond.
You’ll one day open my eyes
And take me thru the skies,
Holding my hands,
To faraway lands.

You’ll take me to each place
There is in outer space
To show me treasures,
To show me pleasures:
Worlds so sublime,
In due course of time.



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